UK car tax disc scrapped - good news for British car photographers
uk tax disc scrapped

Death of The Tax Disc – Good News for British UK Car Photographers

uk tax disc scrapped

UK based car photographers will be quite happy today as the UK Government scraps the requirement for displaying the Vehicle Excise Duty tax disc on our windscreens. For those outside of the UK, it’s a small paper disc the size of a beer mat or coaster that shows that you’ve paid the government to drive on our roads. We still have to pay for it of course, it was only the car tax disc scrapped, not the fee. It’s just that number plate recognition technology on roadside cameras, linked to a database mean we don’t need to show it on the car windshield.

So what’s the big deal for photographers? It’s not a huge issue, but when setting up the car for a photo shoot, it was always one of the things to remember. Like winding up the side windows, lifting up sun visors, setting the front seat adjustment to parallel and so forth, UK car photographers had to remember to take out the tax disc whenever possible, because printed on it is the date of expiry in bold lettering. Something that will instantly date a photograph in the future.

Of course with our friend Photoshop, it’s not such a big deal to remove it, but if you’ve got a photo shoot with several hundred frames of different views for an editorial feature, that’s a lot of tax discs to remove.

We’re going to be writing about some of the other common things that often get missed when setting up for a photo shoot, so if you found this post interesting, you might like to sign up for our newsletter.

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