Forza Motorsport Car List - Recording the Mazda 787 engine
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Mazda 787 Racer – Recording The Sound for Forza Motorsport

Mazda 787 Racer – Recording The Sound for Forza Motorsport

The Mazda 787 is probably the most distinctive endurance racing engine sound ever created. It’s turbocharged four rotor Wankel engine design has been described as sounding like a knife scything through a silk sheet. So when came time to record the sound for the Forza Motorsport car list, they needed their ear defenders in.

The Mazda 787 rotary engine is turbocharged and unlike conventional piston engines, the rotors revolve around a single shaft, meaning that it spins far higher and makes a rear scream.

Here’s how the team took a Mazda 787 Sports Prototype and recorded that ear splitting engine sound. Turn up the volume for the full effect….

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