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Three Great Innovations in Mobile Photography in 2016 ?

With the prevalence of smartphones with powerful cameras and advanced features, mobile photography has become more than just a trend, but a profession to some, as even renowned photographers utilize their handsets during work hours. National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez mentioned in an interview how he never thought mobile devices could ever reach the heights they are at now, making professional DSLR appear costly and inefficient. Gaming Realms, an award-winning mobile casino operator, behin gaming platform Pocketfruity states that internet usage and ownership of mobile devices have now surpassed other computing devices, even PCs. Thus, these portable devices are now more in demand than the ever before, with even photographers often using them for work over their tried and trusted DSLR cameras.


With plenty of changes to mobile devices it has also meant that they are now handy for beginners to hone their craft as photographers, too.

With that in mind, here are some of the top innovations you should expect to see this year that will shape the mobile photography industry.

21-megapixel iPhone 7
The term iPhoneography came from the increasing number of smartphone owners who take great photos using their iPhones. With the abundance of apps and advanced technology, Apple’s continued to impress, producing quality lenses for their handsets. Various reports have already mentioned the possibility of the company producing “better” and “DSLR quality” images through their next iPhone launch (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus). It will feature a 21-megapixel-rear camera with Sony’s Exmore RS sensor that comes with image plane phase detection Autofocus. It will also improve its 4K video recording and the HDR (high dynamic range).

Light, a startup in California, is working on implementing their revolutionary idea to bring to life multiple lenses via a single smartphone to produce clearer and crisper photos. In a review published by MIT Technology Review, “they’ll fire simultaneously when you take a photo, and software will automatically combine the images.” The company believes the output of the multi-lenses will fit the quality of expensive DSLRs but in a smaller and cheaper device. The handset, which will be powered by Light will come with 52-megapixel power, the largest in the world of mobile tech.

3D camera accessory
We’ve seen different three-dimensional imaging technologies in the past, where it makes the illusion by creating depth in an image. However, 3D photography will now be available to smartphone and tablet users producing the same images through the help of a Bevel accessory. At the CES 2016, Bevel will introduce a plug-in mobile accessory that can capture panoramic 3D images of people, place, and objects. It comes with an eye-safe laser light that scans the subject to produce a balanced and clear photo, which can also be used later on for 3D printing.

Although smartphones still have a long way to go until they replace DSLRs, these new innovations will make mobile photography more interesting even for professional photographers. Take note that even smartphone photos require watermarking to avoid image theft.

Do you expect any new smartphone camera technology to make waves in the industry this year? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Photo Credit: Antonio_Trogu via Compfight cc

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