GoPro Hero 4 lmodel overview guide - the new specifications
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GoPro Hero 4 – The Overview

If you’re into action cams and cars, you’d have to be living somewhere pretty remote not to have heard that the long awaited GoPro Hero 4 has landed. Available from October 2014, there are two models available Black and Silver. Additionally, GoPro are continuing with the older, legacy cameras, all the way back to the original Hero, now available at a lower price point than ever before. Their showreel, as ever, rocks….

GoPro Hero Black

The new superstar from GoPro, the Hero 4 Black is the top specification. If you need not just 4K 30p recording, but also 2.7k 50p and full 1080i at 120fps, this is the camera for you. The huge range of high quality options available on the Black would previously have cost you many thousands and entail a pretty big camera setup just a few years ago. The Back also includes new SuperView, an even wider angle field of view than before. Quite simply amazing.
gopro hero 4 black

GoPro Hero Silver

Most of us will quite naturally jump straight to the top of the specification list and choose a Hero Black, but there’s a lot to be said for the Silver. Still shooting 4K30 and 2.7K, the resolution drops to 720p at 120fps. Still more than capable. The very useful thing about the Silver is the built in viewing screen on the reverse. Many of us simply want an action cam to still into our pockets and use anywhere. We don’t always want to guess the framing or take the time to fire up the GoPro app and check the field of view on our device. If that’s you, this is a great choice. Set it up with the new one touch QuikCapture record settings and you can have it framed up and rolling in seconds for video or a 30fps stills burst.

goprp hero 4 silver

GoPro Hero 4 Common Features

Both cameras have new processors, GoPro claiming double the processing speed of previous models. Audio improvements are claimed to be twice the dynamic range of the previous camera and exposure is now controllable with ProTune within the menu, giving control over maximum ISO, color, white balance and sharpness for both stills and video.

Some great improvements that just keep moving the bar ever higher to any competitors. You can find a full comparison of the GoPro Hero range at this link

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