About Car Photographer.net

Car Photographer is all about the greatest car photography and car videos. There’s a strange connection between great cars and great photography. Most people who are into cars and driving also share a passion for photography, if only to document their own cars and travels.

We want to put great car photographers in front of an audience that appreciates the hard work and skills that the best car photographers possess. But there’s more to us than that. We bring interviews with the world’s car photographers and from others within the industry. We test the latest photography gear and look at how it relates to car photography and also look at the exciting advances in hybrid HD DSLR’s and show some great car videos too.
Sometimes, we’ll be testing equipment and reporting on other great online resources. If we recommend something, it’s because we genuinely believe it’s worthwhile. Sometimes, we’ll be supported by eqiupment manufacturers and sellers and when we are, we’ll be totally open and tell you about any relationships we have so that you can make an informed decision.

But for 2012, Car Photographer is now your resource too. We’re opening up the website to create a community for enthusiasts of car photography to share their passion. Register for a free account, which takes moments, then you’ll be able to share images and views with others and learn more ways to improve your car photography skills.

Wha Are We?

Neill Watson is a UK based writer and photographer, contributing features regularly to the motoring press. He’s also an experienced track instructor and driver coach and when not behind the camera, he can be found driving cars for photo and video shoots.